How We Met... Joedy & Lee


The story of our 2018 competition winners!

We met Joedy and Lee at a Wedding Event in Hinterlands, Liverpool. After following Tanzanite Wedding Films on social media, they entered our competition and won a Free Wedding Video worth £1,900 for their 2019 summer wedding! For our new blog series we are documenting each couple’s journey from how they met up until their proposal and wedding planning. Therefore, it seems apt that Joedy and Lee are the first of the series.

So, here’s their story…

1.     How long have you been together?

4 and a half years. 

2.     Where and how did you meet?

At a university end of year dinner event in Briars hall Ormskirk. We were studying the same course but I was in the year above and we had never met until that night.

3.      What are the best three traits of your partner? 

Lee (described by Joedy): He is the nicest person I have ever met, he never has a bad thing to say about anyone. 

He is so caring, he makes sure everyone else is ok before even thinks about himself. 

He is liked by EVERYONE, literally, even strangers. People are just drawn to him.

Joedy (described by Lee): Caring and loving person, would do anything for her family and friends, if they needed her she would drop whatever she was doing and go right away.

Has a weird and unique sense of humour, which fits perfect with mine. 

Very focused and driven person, knows exactly what she wants and will go out and get it.

4.     What is your most memorable moment as a couple (apart from engagement of course!)

It is probably one of our first dates. We decided to have a day out in Liverpool as it was half way for both of us at the time. The sun was out, we explored the museum, went for food and drinks in Alma de Cuba (now one of our favourite places) and then enjoyed the sunshine on top of Liverpool one. I missed my train home because we lost track of time completely so we went to sit in St Johns gardens to wait for the next one. There was no one around just us, it was so peaceful and we just laughed and talked until I reluctantly had to catch my train. This is when we realised we really liked each other even though neither of us dared to say!

5.     Where and how did he/she propose?

Lee proposed in Paris! We had planned a weekend away to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. We had organised a day a sightseeing followed by a champagne cruise on the river Seine so we could see Paris at night. It was amazing. After the cruise Lee suggested we go for a walk along the river to find somewhere to place the padlock he had given me earlier that day which had our names and our anniversary date on. So, we walked but couldn't find anywhere we wanted to leave it so decided to lock the padlock and throw the key into the river instead. We found a perfect stop and he handed me the padlock, but little did I know he had swapped the original padlock with a different one that said "Joedy, Will you marry me?". Me being oblivious to it I take a picture of the lock in my hand in front the Eiffel tower to keep as memory and I heard "well are you going to read it?", which I then do. I turn around and Lee is on one knee. As soon as I said “yes” the Eiffel tower lit up and sparkled, it was perfect. 


6.     When and where are you getting married?

Our wedding date is Saturday 31st August 2019. And we will be getting married at St Georges Hall in Liverpool.

7.     How would you describe your dream wedding?

We both agree on a white sandy beach surrounded by all our loved ones.

8.     What are you most looking forward to out of your wedding film?

We have both been told how quickly the day goes so we are looking forward to being able to relive it. We can’t wait to see everyone's emotions and reactions which we may not see on the day.

9.     If you could pick anyone to play music at your wedding who would it be?

For Joedy- John Legend.

For Lee- Mumford and sons.

10.  Who would you choose as your celebrity guest appearance and why?

David Attenborough- He is incredible. He would be so interesting to talk to and would keep everyone entertained with all his amazing stories. And we reckon he is a party animal after a tequila or 2.


11.  Where would your dream honeymoon location be?

The Maldives

12.  If you could have any three courses for your wedding meal what would they be?

Starter: Nachos (Lee is obsessed)

Main: Pie and mash-which we are having. The lovely Denise from The Gluten Free Pie Company is doing this for us and we can’t wait!

Pudding: Apple crumble and custard

13.  Describe your dream wedding dress.

Simple and elegant. I want a dress that looks beautiful but one that I will be comfortable in so I can enjoy the day and dance the night away.

14.  What flavour cake would you have for your wedding?

Victoria sponge!! Lees all-time favourite. 

15.  What are you most looking forward to capturing in your wedding video?

Everyone we love being in one place at the same time!


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