‘We don't do tradition, we do personalisation.’ 

 Our main objective here at Tanzanite is to capture each couple's personalities, focusing on the unconventional and individual aspects of the day. Vision beyond tradition is our ethos and that’s exactly what we do. Capturing the small details that make your wedding different from anyone else's. We strive to highlight the quirks and traits that define the attendees and use this to structure each couple’s bespoke video. Here at Tanzanite, we don’t aim to get the best shots of the day but strive to capture an accurate portrayal of the married couples characters through a cinematic aesthetic. A film that will be treasured for a lifetime. 

We would like to show you the current trends and give you tips that help couples highlight their character on their wedding day and allow them to personalise the day. 

Breaking tradition with…


Rather than making hundreds of favours, many of which will be left behind, why not spice it up and create charming personalised favours that your guests can cherish in memory of the day. Your guest’s miniature version of their favourite foods and drinks are a number one favourite of ours, personalise it further with a little Alice in Wonderland inspired name tag. Engraving your guests names is a simple way to personalise your favours, one of our we have seen is monogrammed pairs of converse trainers for the female guests, who just can’t stand any longer at the end of the night… there’s always one! 

Venues and decor 

Rather than a traditional church wedding, why not add a bit of flavour with an alternative venue. Liverpool has several alternative wedding venues, for example there’s the Sefton Palm House, a restored Victorian greenhouse or go really left field with Hinterlands, a clank-canvas warehouse space. If your on a budget, there are loads of decor ideas on sites like Pinterest and Rock My Wedding that can inspire you to turn your traditional venue into an alternative, personalised venue. 

Bridesmaids and best men. 

Matchy-matchy outfits are very old school. Why not allow all your bridesmaids to show of their own unique beauty with different styles and coloured outfits? Using the same dress can lead to uncomfortable bridesmaids and everyone wants to be looking good for their best for the big day. Also having more than one best man is becoming more popular or genders being reversed. Why keep to tradition if it doesn't reflect the happy couple's own life and relationships?

Photos and Videos. 

Instead of taking a long time away from your cocktails and the guests, taking hundreds of photos. Structure the day so that the photos can be done before the party begins and get the guests involved. Filming guests memories and testimonials can be a time effective and more personalised way of getting to hear how your guests enjoyed the day, as opposed to the traditional written guest book. To add more to the videos and photos, make sure you document the build up to the big day, taking selfies and videos of the hen and stag dos and yours friends and family's reaction to the proposal for example can help the photographer or videographer get a greater insight into the personalities of the couple but also help with producing a more authentic personalised account of the wedding.

Jack All